Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

"Barb Kedler"

When my sister first saw this one she said "I love this...will you name it for me?"
18" tall....3 way branching 15 buds, Semi-evergreen Dip -- hardy in zone 5, green throat...snow white sepals.
Barb Kedler is a beautiful Steely purple and white bi-tone daylily with white mid-ribs that enhance the color of the sepals. The petals are surrounded with a white ruffled edge. Barb Kedler is a terrific parent to use for bi-tones and bi-colors as it likes to throws it's snow-white sepal color to many of it's offspring.
Barb K. is not a tall flower as it blooms just at the tip of the leaves....and occasionally with throw and extra petaloid. If you are looking for that clean, beautiful bi-tone for your display bed or if you want to breed beautiful bi-tones and bi-colors (see seedlings) then Barb Kedler is a spendid choice for you. $75 SF