Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

About (or--- what you will get if you order).

1. I list single fan under the daylily, but in most cases it will either be a double fan, or a gift plant will be sent with it.

2. If you are not familiar with zone 5 weather....daylilies here never grow to 'leek' size plants. What I send will be blooming size plants for zone 5...they may not look very big....but you will receive the same size that I have. They will be single fan only.

3. I do not use pay pal....a check or money order is fine.

4. All orders will be shipped in May...depending on the spring season...I hate to ship them too early because then they really will be small....but if you ask for a different date on your order I will comply.

5. I will reply to phone calls and emails as soon as humanly possible...leave a message if I don't answer immediately and I'll return the call (don't forget to leave your phone number).

6. These plants have done wonderfully in my zone 5 full sun. Some have been tested in other zones, some haven't. They will be shipped the day they are dug. If they don't live for you they just didn't like you.

7. The colors on these photos have not been retouched.