Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

"Dr. Jules Michael Vinkman"

tet....35" 3-way branching...20 buds..5 1/2" flower
"Dr. Jules" is the result of an experiment I did with "Spacecoast Sea Shells". I wanted to determine that Sea Shells was either a pattern or just a weird throat. So I crossed it with one of my patterned seedlings. Since patterns are recessive and both parents must be carrying pattern for the offspring to be pattern, I would find out if Spacecoast was indeed a pattern.
Dr. Jules was the result I was hoping for. Not only is it pattern, but a far cry from the many seedlings out of Sea Shells that look so much like the parent.
Every bloom is the never has a bad hair day. It grows from Maine to Mississippi. Tommy Maddox has used Dr. Jules for a few years now and tells me that it is the most fertile flower in his garden...and he gave me permission to say so. It throws beautiful eyes and edges and it also a beautiful landscape plant.
The cross is {"Spacecoast Sea Shells" x (Wild Mustang x Polynesian Love Song).}
I'm introducing it for a fair price as this is my first year and I don't want to break Nikki Schmiths' rule of thumb too much for first year hybridizers.
Single Fan....$125