Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

"Festoons Of Jupiter"

(2019 Faulkner)--Diploid 5" flower...30" tall

This beautiful pattern daylily is one that hybridizers and daylily gardeners alike will be thrilled with. "Festoons of Jupiter" was named for the sometime effect of the sun's reflection on the Planet Jupiter with causes a reddish ring to appear around the planet. Since the eye on this one has this ring around the eye I felt it was a good match. Fertile both ways Festoons has proven to throw really nice seedlings with round bold eyes of varying patterns and colors. Nice thick scapes help it to hold up under the most adverse conditions. I nearly lost this a few years ago and had to re-start with 2 fans. Luckily it multiplies fast so I now have enough to sell.

It lists for $125 a double fan. Shipment expected in late April