Natural Selection Daylilies

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"Leonardos'Perspective of Color"

(2012 Faulkner) 4.5 to 5" 26" - "Leonardos' Perspective of Color" ( LEO ) is one of the most unusual colored daylilies I've seen. For years people who saw it in person tried to talk me into releasing it. My big problem with it is that it only has 10 buds, who would be crazy enough to introduce a daylily with 10 buds? But once you see it, you might understand why. It does have a fairly long bloom season due to the fact that once "Leo" gets established it sends up plenty of scapes.
Garden named "Leo", it is short for Leonardo Da Vinci. Di Vinci did a study on the effects of color combinations, thus the registered name of "Leo."
Very slow to increase, slow to clump up, all the things that go against an intro. But, what "Leo" throws in the hybridizing seedling patch is truly fun, clean and many in-between colors.
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