Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

"Ray Rayburg"

(2018 Faulkner)--TET 5" flower....42" tall with 4-5-way branching and 24 buds.
A Rare tet. intro from Natural Selection Daylilies....this one boasts a equal if not better plant habit than any tet in my program...It's tall, well branched and for those puritannical types who insist they won't but a daylily with good branching, this one's for you. One of a series of tets I did for pattern breeding. the primrose yellow flower has this very nice soft purple patterned eye. It's tall, the scapes are strong and a good grower will get 5-way branching and at least 24 buds.Selected by one of my best friends.
fertile both ways..... $125 sf