Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

"Fat Freddies' Cat"

(2017 Faulkner)--Diploid 4" flower....24" tall with 3-way branching.

"Fat Freddies' Cat " is one of those seedlings that came as a total surprise. Given the fact that I don't breed doubles, this one came from an amazing combination of 'chance' genetics. I did an experimental line-breeding cross of "Golden Hybiscus" x "Fancy Face" then back to one of their kids......"Fat Freddies' Cat" showed carries the very nice clean gold color of GH. For me it doubles every time after being grown it the same spot for at least 2 years. I hate to list it as 100% double as someone will bloom a single from it and message

Fertile both ways----$125 sf