Natural Selection Daylilies

Where the extrodinary is common

For the most part once a pattern color flower blooms for the first time...that same pattern color will never change...even as the flower matures. I've seen the form change, some flowers get wider, some get longer...but rarely does the pattern change.

This flower was the exception...and it couldn't have changed more dramatically....I liked it the first year...and I flipped out the second year.

First Year

Second Year

"Aphrodite" (Taylor, B., 1948)--ev. dip..4" Here is an example of a daylily that was hybridized in 1946...the year I was born...and introduced in 1948. Even thought it displays a simple form, the color is great and it could still be a nice garden flower...64 years after it was hybridized. Daylilies have changed so dramatically in the past 60+ years....but that doesn't necessarily mean that the older ones have no value.