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This page features different shots around the yard and will give you an idea of what else goes on here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

While Daylilies are a big part of my life...and much energy is spent on them....they are not my only love. I planted my first tree when I was 6 years old...a colorado blue spruce that I paid $1 for....and it still thrives on my property today...and is nearly 50 feet tall...I live in the house that my parents owned when I was was built in 1834.

Front of the house from the street.

"Mrs. Lips"

Garden Angel

Come On In and sit a spell.



Front bed -- "Ruby Spider"

Front bed -- Variegated Red-Bud tree

Bob as Rock Star (name given by Providence Club--NEDS)

'Ruby' Horsechestnut Tree--approximately 20' tall

"Baumanni" double-blooming Horsechestnut tree

Tree Peony "High Noon" --15 years old

Entrance to Hybridizibng Beds thru the gate.

After Hurricane "Ike"

Birdbath and "Abilene Lillian" from Tommy Maddox.

Bubbling Rock water feature

Herbaceous Peony "Charles Burgess" featured

Looking Back towards the house from the gate.

Weeping Juniper "juniperus rigida "pendula"

When you move a ladder--it is important to first remove the open paint can off the top of it.

Evaluation bed

Work Shed with Paul Owen memento

Polyphemus moth

Spring--view from kitchen window

"butterflies" Magnolia

Double Flowering Clematis "Vyvyan Pennell"

Pigeon loft -- seedling Hosta "big bob"

Looking at loft thru the gate.

Dreaming of Spring

Snowstorm view from the barn. 10"